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Communication Design

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Illustration Design

Branding and Advertisement Illustrations

Here, Illustrations are used for advertising a product or for brand purpose as it enhances the message and persuades the viewer. 

Since Advertising and Illustration share a common goal, they are used to produce attractive, memorable and intentional impression on the masses.

Retail Illustrations

During Indian Independence, many brands encouraged masses to prefer Indian brands over foreign ones. To standout, they used detailed and colorful illustrations on products like tea, soap and sugar to depict Swadeshi Movement. 

Post-Independence, brands focused on the Indian Demographic using product packaging. Their products used mascots that were hand-painted illustrations like Amul Girl, Parle-G and Indian Matchbox. 

At present, this trend of using illustrations in retail, has seen a steady rise and is fast picking up.

Business Illustrations

From time immemorial, businesses have used illustrations to stand-out from the crowd and to add personality to the brand. Here are few ways you can use our illustrations in your business – 

Monograms, seal and emblems

Companies use motifs to combine two letters or pictorials to create a symbol or a logo.

brand mascot and CHARACTER

A memorable technique used by brands – emotions and simplicity are used to connect with audience.

Name, SIGNAGE and signboard

Small enterprises use hand-painted signage for display; others to display public information. 

merchandise and marketing

An engaging and effective tool used for marketing, community engagement.

Children Book Illustrations

Children Book Illustrations are a combination of visual and verbal narrative. They come is various formats like toy-books, pop-up books, picture books and concept books. 

Children Book Illustrations comes in vernacular languages, have easy-to-understand vocabulary and uses a variety of media like oil, acrylic, water and pencil. With illustrations, it is easy for young ones to read, understand concepts and increase cognitive skills.

Fiction and Non-Fiction Illustrations

Nowadays, many fiction and non-fiction books are being published both online as well as offline.

With the help of illustrations, authors are enhancing their story in many ways. Unlike graphic novels, fiction and non-fiction books use more of text and less illustrations to convey messages.

Visual Narrative Illustrations

Visual Narrative use storytelling technique to illustrate a point of view and appeal transformation. They can be still or in motion and use power of an image(s) to impact the masses.

It requires a lot of research and understanding of the narrative to create sequential art or any other visual media like film, television, social media, art, comics, graphic novels and photojournalism. 

Fashion Illustrations

Fashion Illustrations are used by brands, designers and boutiques.It is the art of illustrating current trends in fashion to visualize thoughts, new ideas and concepts. 

To meet the manufacturing standards, brands use technical sketches before transferring it to coquis. After that, they are rendered for application of colour, texture, pattern and other necessary details. 

Educational Illustrations

Educational or Academic Illustrations use visuals to promote easy and effective learning of theoretical concepts. Since our brain captures information in images, it is vital to create accurate and appropriate illustrations for visual association.

With an advent of E-Learning and Online Education, there has been a surge in the use digital illustrations. Educational Illustrations are attractive, responsive and user-friendly.  

Editorial Illustrations

Editorial Illustrations use caricature and cartoons to depict political point of view, popular symbol, current events and complex conditions. The main aim of Editorial Illustrations is to voice out an opinion using satire, pun and wit.

Generally they are created in response to an article in newspapers, magazines and blog. 

Gaming Illustrations

There are two types of Gaming Illustrations – illustrating fro Board games and for Digital games. Gaming Illustrations involves illustrating background in games, Background, creating storyboards and charachters for games. 

One of the best example of Gaming Illustrations are Monopoly, Super Mario, Angry Birds and Candy Crush.

Conceptual Illustrations

The goal of Conceptual Illustration is to make an audience think – hence, ideas or concepts take precedence over traditional concerns. Visually, they stand out from the rest and play with words. 

Generally, they are made around concerns like environment, racism and violence; as they have the power to reform and change the mind of the masses with a new perspective.

Fantasy Illustrations

Fantasy Illustrations use imagination to answer offbeat questions on tales, myths and legends. They create surreal new interpretation of stories that are open-ended in nature.

Fantasy Illustrations can range from depicting Hindu Gods, demons, fairies, UFO and aliens. 

Biological Illustrations

Biological Illustrations use diagrams to visually communicate a structure and specific biological object. They are used to demonstrate anatomy, surgical procedures and distinguish species in biological interactions. 


Medical Illustrations are designed to facilitate recording of medical, anatomical and bio-scientific knowledge with the help of an illustration for medical journals, textbooks and study. 


Botanical Illustrations is the art of depicting specifics of plant species. They require deep understanding of plant morphology, access to plant specimens and references. 


Zoological Illustrations is an art of creation of scientific vertebrate diagrams with precision, using fundamental principles of bio-mechanics, forms and structural diversity of animal kingdom. 

Explain your idea with our illustrations!

Motion Design

Running your thoughts, visually!

Motion Design extend beyond from-by-frame footage animation. They can be displayed electronically and also manually – as in the case of flip-book, thaumatrope, phenakistoscope, stroboscope, zoetrope and praxinoscope.

They can be distinguished from animation in the fact that they are not strictly story or character-driven; and can represent abstract shapes as well as logos. 

Run your thoughts, before it runs out!

Animation Films

Creation to infinity and beyond…

We amalgamate traditional storytelling techniques with state-of-art technologies to create your brand story.

We create different types to animation that adds charm to your business. 

Grow your business to infinity, with us!

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